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The Process For Weld-Rite #2469 

Cast Welding


This process was developed because of the lack of an honest high quality weld on various cast iron foreign and domestic crankshafts.

In the three years developing this process we have tested all of the available wires and fluxes currently in use in the crankshaft rebuilding industry. We could not find a cast iron welding process that could produce a quality weld the first time, (no pits, cracks or excessive hardness) without pre-grinding or double welding. 

Our process has been extensively tested in the lab and also in the field.  Lab testing included the analyzing of the weld from the base metal thru the weld.  Hardness and compatibility were checked at the base metal and every .050 of an inch out to the outer surface of the reground journals tested.  The three major domestic manufacturers of automotive engines did the tests on various crankshafts in use.  

In the two thousand plus crankshafts now in service out in the field, we have not had one weld related failure.  This welding process when used in accordance with the correct applied welding procedure will produce a labor and time saving flawless weld.  

Slag removal:  This process produces effortless slag removal while welding, which reduces operator fatigue and improves operator safety.

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Last modified: March 25, 2001